Hi, I am Amin

I am the director at and an industrial designer.

What I wish for myself and others always include freedom, joy, peace, and the right people to share them with. This is why we created worksity and Isles Of Empyrean. Our team and I are working hard to accelerate the path to our user's prosperity through gig-economy.

Worksity is an online marketplace that connects local talent and students to local people and businesses in an effort to help build a profitable community. The majority of trading and business interaction all happen within the community, eliminating commuting and excessive charges.

By keeping the money you spend inside the community you live within, you're automatically helping to increase your community's economy, and as a result, yours and your families well-being improve as well.

People love worksity because:

  • Local residents and local businesses can benefit from accessing their local talent for their daily tasks and projects.

  • Connecting with local students is a great opportunity for local businesses and the general public to gain the same quality of service as other big companies get, but for a much cheaper cost (reduced travel, insurance, health and safety expenses, etc.).

  • Students and local talent are encouraged to do what they love. If, for example, you are studying a design course, you can sharpen your degree-related skills by working for a range of local companies, which would be great for your CV for both future job interviews and to eliminate zero-hour contracts and/or restrictions.

  • Local communities can use local students and talent to develop the well-being of each member of that community.

If you want to learn more about me...

I am passionate about philosophy in general, neuroscience and social science. These mediums allow me to think freely, open my horizon, become more effective and efficient and enhance my creativity. If you share the same interest, contact me.

With gratitude,

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Everything was great and it was a pleasure working with Amin.

Andy B about listing Website Updates and Maintainance 1 year ago.

Thank You Amin, it was a pleasure working with you and Worksity. It's it great to be a part of your amazing community here too :)

Andy B about listing Website Updates and Maintainance 1 year ago.

Excellent assignment. Love working with Amin. Looking forward to the next project.