Hello there. I am a senior coach and media producer helping engineers who export to future-proof their organisations. I perform this through a company, Contented, using story to create a better world.

Contented mainly targets the transport value chain. That includes the people building, powering, running and recycling the machines and infrastructure that help people get about. I believe that travel is transformational but the damage it creates to the planet is a huge price to pay, one that makes even British trains look cheap.

To reduce my shame from travelling (and I try to work as far as possible online), I need to help lance that carbon carbuncle. But let's not assume that technology is the solution: imagine that every time someone buys online, a server farm somewhere heats up and a package is loaded into a van.

My mission is to bring all these people together around the world to inspire each other to innovate responsibly. I work with inspiring associates and, when we have a project, we recruit from our creative community of former delegates, interns and volunteers around the world who we mentor personally. If this interests you, I would be happy to hear from you.

Good luck, and keep learning!

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