Are you making the most of your story?

The Innovator's Way

The story of your struggle for a better world may be worth its weight in carbon.


YOUR CUSTOMERS, INVESTORS and employees want to know your purpose and feel your passion. They will care about your success if it makes a difference to their worlds too. Then, they will gasp when you stumble and cheer when you pick yourself up again.

Importantly, they will relate to your products and services, and perhaps even fall in love.

But the greatest value to your business is learning those lessons and adapting your systems and behaviour so you don't fall there again.

The Innnovator's Way is a unique coaching and copywriting framework to guide your journey and engage your audiences within and outside the business -- as well as those voices inside your head.

Use its simple 12 chapters to keep a reflective diary. Then create engaging posts, podcasts or videoblogs and integrate into your business strategy and communications plan. Of course, you choose what to share -- what's said between us remains totally confidential.

This work is led by accredited senior business coach Gerard Davies, a former international journalist and producer with the BBC, The Times, The Guardian and The Australian. With 20 years’ enterprise experience, falling over and picking himself up, he's an industrial fellow of Aston Business School and an alumnus of Bath University's world famous 'sustainability MBA' devised with The Body Shop's green entrepreneur-activist Anita Roddick.

Price below, which excludes VAT, is for two individual one-hour online sessions plus self-assessments and analysis of the leading lights inside your head who are playing out your story.

Should you decide you'd like to further develop this practice, the fee can be deducted from a full four-part programme, recognised by ILM, part of City & Guilds. There, you can work with peer-advisors through all 12 chapters to search for the treasure you seek.

Be the hero/ine of your own story!

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