The Importance of Trust Within A Communities (Part 2)

This is part 2 of "The Importance of Trust Within A Communities" essay

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3. Mutual Sharing.

Now that we have familiarity, and we have increased the level of knowledge we have of others, there holds the newly created opportunity for further development within those specific relationships, or for them to go no further. This means the development of mutual sharing. This could be time spent with each other, food, gifts, business or job exchanges and more. Now, with mutual exchanges we can begin to recognise patterns of reliability or not within an individual, making our own choices whether or not to continue to participate within the relationship. This can be a key moment to begin to build trust between each other.

4. Reliability.

Reliability relates to an individual being trustworthy and consistently performing well. With more and more positive mutual sharing between individuals, trust can be built. This can open more opportunities and connections between people or businesses through word of mouth. If you’re trusted by an individual, that person could recommend or introduce you to someone else who you are not familiar with, but because you’re already trusted by the strangers friend, the process towards interpersonal trust is accelerated and a bigger circle of trust is developed.

5. Trust.

Trust relates to the firm belief in the reliability, truth or ability of someone or something. With time and further interaction, communication and mutual sharing, we can see for ourselves who is reliable and who we can trust. This is key for healthy growth in society, without this the amount of opportunities decreases, and separation between individuals increases. For an economic society to thrive, trust is necessary between people in order to encourage mutual trading. When familiarity is achieved, and we have started to further the relationships between our chosen individuals, society will be free and creative to form new ideas, partnerships, relationships, friendships, businesses and trades, all of which contribute to economic and societal growth.

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